Deadline for Nominations: Rolling

Purpose: In these challenging times, we want to recognize and show appreciation to faculty, students, and staff who are stepping up to show their dedication, empathy, and who are living into the College of Medicine culture of caring. This award is an opportunity to spotlight faculty, students, and staff members who go above and beyond their duties to contribute to UC’s quality and excellence, to foster a diverse, inclusive workplace and campus, and help lift the culture around us.

Nomination Criteria: Faculty, staff, and students deserving of this recognition are individuals who contribute significantly to the culture of the College of Medicine through their hard work and kindness to others. These individuals are responsible for making the College of Medicine a thriving institution of education, research, and patient care.

Examples: a colleague made several face coverings with transparent inserts for distribution to those with a hearing loss; another staff member, while preparing for the research restart by distributing the necessary PPE and hand sanitizer throughout the building, added a number of small wild flower arrangements that she created to brighten up the break and common areas. These awards are not meant to replace other awards that recognize research successes, mentorship, or team science, e.g. but rather highlight the small kindnesses that we perform for one another.

We encourage you to nominate your colleagues who have gone above and beyond their role to advance the projects and positive work culture around them during these unprecedented times of Covid-19. Award nominees should be individuals who have demonstrated great commitment to their work, teams, supervisors, and the College of Medicine. Faculty, students, and staff deserving of this award may have also displayed extraordinary integrity and generosity towards their department and team members.

Eligibility Criteria: Nominees should be UC-paid faculty and staff and students in programs within the College of Medicine. Unfortunately employees of UC Health and CCHMC are not eligible.

Frequency: Awards will be made weekly. There is no fixed number that will be awarded.

Recognition: Awardees will be spotlighted in UC CoM publications like Impact Factors and Dean’s List. A small gift of recognition will follow.

Nomination: Any faculty, students, and staff at the College of Medicine may nominate an individual at the College. Self-nominees are not accepted. Questions should be sent to Brieanne Sheehan.

Review of Nominations: A diverse review committee (faculty, students, and staff) will review the nominations.

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