Nominations due: October 27, 2021 (by midnight)
Many of our UC College of Medicine staff serve our research mission in a way that vastly transforms productivity and drives the research enterprise. To recognize this service to our research mission, the CoM Office of Research is soliciting nominations for a Clinical Research Professional Award and a Laboratory Research Professional Award. A single award will be presented to each a clinical and a laboratory research employee who, in the opinion of the CoM research leadership, shows an outstanding commitment to advancing the CoM research mission, over and above that of peers with the same title. The recipients of this award will be honored with an award of $1,000.
Application Package:
To be considered, the nominating application must be in the form of a single pdf that includes the following:
  • Cover sheet (include name, email address, professional title, department, and contact information of those who provided a recommendation),
  • A letter of recommendation from CoM faculty supervisor (not to exceed 2 pages),
  • Nominee’s CV (see RFA for specific instructions and examples)
  • Optional: Include a table with the following info for which more detail is given in the CV and which includes only work for a UC CoM principal investigator: number of years of service, publications/manuscripts, poster presentations, oral presentations, clinical trials, UC, national, or international committees.
  • Optional: Include a paragraph of self-assessment (1/2-page limit) that would describe your contribution and why you deserve the award.
  • Optional: Up to three additional letters of recommendation (not necessarily from CoM employees; each letter not to exceed 2 pages).

Questions should be sent to Brieanne Sheehan.

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