About SCRA & What We Do


The Society for Community Research and Action will have a strong, global impact on enhancing well-being and promoting social justice for all people by fostering collaboration where there is division and empowerment where there is oppression.


The Society for Community Research and Action is an organization devoted to advancing theory, research, and social action. Its members are committed to promoting health and empowerment and to preventing problems in communities, groups, and individuals. SCRA serves many different disciplines that focus on community research and action.


Four broad principles guide SCRA:

  1. Community research and action requires explicit attention to and respect for diversity among peoples and settings.
  2. Human competencies and problems are best understood by viewing people within their social, cultural, economic, geographic, and historical contexts.
  3. Community research and action is an active collaboration among researchers , practitioners, and community members that uses multiple methodologies. Such research and action must be undertaken to serve those community members  directly  concerned, and should be guided by their needs and preferences, as well as  by their active participation.
  4. Change strategies are needed at multiple levels in order to foster settings that promote competence and well-being.

SCRA Community Mini-Grant Committee has a commitment to support efforts that are focused on center decoloniality and anti-racism practices. With that commitment, we seek to support organizations with projects that align with our commitment to decoloniality and anti-racism.                                                       

We welcome international applicants.

The online application is due by July 31st, 2023 @ 5pm EST. 


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