Background and Purpose 

The Team Science Research Award recognizes a research team that has successfully developed and sustained one or more multidisciplinary research projects that significantly contribute to the mission of the College.  A team must consist of two or more full time faculty members that each play a significant and interdependent role in the team. The team can be of any size and may contain members from other UC colleges, other institutions, the community, and industry. However, at least one UC CoM faculty member must play a lead role in one or more projects.

The selected team will receive $3,000, recognition at FY 2020 Research Recognition Awards Program (anticipated to occur fall of 2020), and will be included in the Research Annual Report.

Eligibility and Selection Process

Teams of two or more members in which at least one member has a full-time faculty appointment at the UC College of Medicine. Other team members may come from other UC CoM departments, other UC colleges, other institutions, the community, or industry. The team must have at least one full-time CoM faculty member who plays a lead role in one or more major projects. Teams may be of any size but should include multiple disciplines.

We expect that most nominations will be made by the teams themselves, however, nominations can be made from colleagues, chairs, or others. All applications must be accompanied by an endorsement letter from a Department or Division Head at the College of Medicine. A review committee of faculty selected by the Associate Dean for Research Evaluation (Jack Kues, PhD) will convene for the purpose of award selection.

Nomination Criteria

Nominations must include a short biosketch from each member of the team, highlighting their team efforts, successes and impact and the candidates' contributions that set them apart from their peers.  Any national/international recognition, awards, or other evidence of outstanding team science should be described. 

The application should include the following:

  • Description of the thematic focus of the team
  • Team members, their roles on the team, and other evidence of team success
  • Innovations that reflect the cross-disciplinary approach to this research area
  • Any additional attributes that the team has demonstrated that have contributed to a collaborative and collegial environment

Review Criteria

  • The unique configuration of team membership and how it has contributed to its productivity
  • Accomplishments such as team publications, project funding, local, regional, and national recognition
  • Cross-disciplinary approaches to problems
  • Strategies to evolve the team to meet funding or project challenges
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