The goal of the CoM Grant Pre-Review Program is to support the refinement of scientific projects and grantsmanship of proposals from CoM faculty prior to official submission of a grant application to a funding agency. The objective of the program is to improve the grant-writing success of our faculty. This opportunity is available for only UC-paid CoM faculty who plan on submitting the grant through the CoM Operations & Finance group (i.e. a “UC CoM” proposal).

The Grant Pre-Review Program will accept electronic submissions of grant proposals on a rolling basis and will provide NIH style reviews from our expert faculty. While grant applications for NIH submissions are highly encouraged, the CoM Grant Pre-Review Program will review applications for any agency.

For proposal feedback to be taken into consideration, applications for pre-review will need to be submitted 60 days prior to the actual grant deadline. Request for consideration for external reviewers may also be placed during the submission process.

The intent of the program is to provide expert reviews within 30 days prior to the submission date of the application so that feedback may be taken into serious consideration prior to the final submission of the proposal to the funding agency.

Please contact Brieanne Sheehan with questions.

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